Terms and conditions of therapy

The following information aims to give you a more detailed explanation of the therapy process and answer any questions you still have. Speak to your nearest clinic if you have further questions.

What is nicotine addiction therapy?

NeuraSan® Clinics offer a consultation therapy for nicotine addiction. Following a detailed information meeting and a consultation / examination, if appropriate, a homoeopathic based treatment will be prescribed. The treatment involves injections into the skin of the outer ears. This is not acupuncture. For the majority of patients, nicotine withdrawal symptoms will stop occurring after just one therapy session. Particularly the normal nicotine withdrawal problems such as nervousness, concentration problems, aggression, depression, thinking about cigarettes / vaping all the time, cravings or associations in connection with moderate quantities of alcohol, addiction transfer in the form of uncontrolled eating or needing to smoke / vape in stressful situations can be reduced with the help of the therapy or they can be removed completely.

As with any treatment there is no guarantee of the success for every patient. An important factor in the therapy is the patient’s willingness to give up nicotine and to adhere to the aftercare guidelines.

How does our therapy work ?

The particular aim of the therapy is to prevent withdrawal symptoms of nicotine such as when a patient quits smoking. It is of special importance that patients cease any active consumption of nicotine in any form after the therapy. The full onset of action of therapy treatment varies between 10 minutes and 24 hours. Our therapy only works in principle until the body is given more nicotine. If you feel you are suffering withdrawal, contact your nearest NeuraSan® Clinic and let them know. Providing your records show you had your treatment within the last month, you will be offered a second treatment. We will arrange a convenient time for you within clinic hours. Should the second treatment not work for you after a further month and you weaken and start consuming nicotine again, further treatment will not help you. It is the nature of homoeopathic therapies that they do not work for all people.

We actively encourage anyone considering homeopathy to consult with their own GP about any symptoms they have in relation to nicotine addiction before signing a consent to our therapy.

Refund policy

Cost of the treatment is non-refundable.

By signing the consent form provided, you agree to these limitations and our refund policy. We actively encourage anyone considering homeopathy to consult with their own GP about any symptoms they have in relation to nicotine addition before signing a consent to our therapy. Our therapy uses homoeopathic treatments. In 2017 the NHS in England stopped the prescription of homoeopathy due to the lack of scientific evidence in their effectiveness. However, that does not stop medical professionals, including General Practitioners (Doctors) advising their patients that they can try homoeopathy as a natural remedy. Particularly for alleviating symptoms. Our therapy has been used for the past 30 years in Germany and has successfully treated thousands of patients, removing their nicotine addiction.