About Us

NeuraSan UK Limited was founded with the sole purpose of bringing neurasan therapy developed by Dr. Markus Gross in Germany to the UK. Since its development over 30 years ago, fumarlogist Markus Gross has treated over 100,000 patients who had travelled to Germany from all over the world.

NeuraSan® Clinics are recognised and registered by the Health department of the regional association in Saarbrücken Germany, and Dr Markus Gross is also registered by the Federal Republic of Germany as a Naturopath. The Neurasan therapy process is protected worldwide by the international trademark system WIPO and the German Patent Office in Munich. In 2020, NeuraSan® GmbH had the confidence to trust selected people around the world to allow their revolutionary treatment therapy process to be made available in other countries. Under strict supervision and comprehensive training, our medical trained practitioners travelled to Germany to meet Dr Gross and learn the therapy process. Only after successfully applying their skill to several patient customers were they certified as Neurasan® Clinic professionals.

The goal of both Dr Markus Gross and his wife Marianna, is to help as many people as possible in the world stop craving nicotine quickly.

In time we too hope to expand our UK network of clinics so that we can support that goal of helping people lead a healthier lifestyle.

If you are interested in offering the NeuraSan® therapy process in your existing clinic, please get in touch.